Our Services


Abrasive cutting

Regardless of the size or complexity of the program, WellCut will work with our clients to achieve their project on time and maintain costs that are predictable.


Casing recovery

Following the successful severance with our UHP abrasive cutter, all casings are recovered with proven technology for both surface and subsea.

All equipment conforms to 'ATEX' minimum standards.

WellCut Solutions provide a full recovery package with drops protection for open-ended tubulars.


Surface cold cutting

Cold cutters suitable for all sizes are available including experienced engineers as required.


HP pump hire

WellCut Solutions have High Pressure and Ultra High Pressure diesel-driven pump units available to rent including a full spares pack and experienced operators.


Provision of personnel

WellCut Solutions have experienced and multi-skilled technicians available upon client request.


Project management

WellCut solutions offers project management services to ensure our clients achieve a safe and efficient solution for all their projects. Our teams aim is to make your project safe and successful.


Engineering & design

WellCut Solutions has a design team that can provide new-build drawings, project / rigging calcs, finite element analysis, project engineering, procedures, operational storyboards and 3D models / animations.


Marine growth removal

WellCut Solutions can offer marine growth removal solutions for the oil and gas industry and renewables market utilising existing technology or bespoke build if required.